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Putins Sommer-Schachzug: Größte Umbesetzung leitender Staatsbeamter seit Jahren

Größte Umbesetzung leitender Staatsbeamter seit Jahren, Putin setzt Ex-KGB-Mitarbeiter auf leitende Posten 

Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin hat gestern die größte Umbesetzung unter Spitzenbeamten in den letzten Jahren durchgeführt. Putins persönliche Vertreter in vier der insgesamt acht russischen Großregionen wurden ausgetauscht (Süd, Sibirien, Nordwest, Nordkaukasus), vier Gouverneure wurden neu ernannt (Kaliningrad, Jaroslawl, Kirow, Sewastopol). Die Zollverwaltung bekam einen neuen Leiter. Drei Beamte, die ihre berufliche Karriere im KGB begonnen hatten, bekamen leitende Posten als Gouverneure der Regionen Kaliningrad und Jaroslawl sowie als Leiter der Zollverwaltung. Zwei Umbesetzungen haben mit Korruptionsfällen zu tun. Der liberale Gouverneur des Kirow-Gebiets, Nikita Belych, war vor einem Monat wegen der Entgegennahme von 400.000 Euro Schmiergeld verhaftet worden (Ein russischer Milliardär mit politischen Ambitionen bekommt Probleme). Der Leiter der russischen Zollverwaltung, Andrej Beljaninow, ist offenbar in einen Schmuggel mit Cognac verwickelt und wurde abgesetzt. Der Gouverneur der Stadt des Gebiets Jarowslawl wurde wegen "mangelnder Effektivität" ausgetauscht.
- Putins Sommer-Schachzug (Ulrich Heyden, Telepolis, 29.07.2016)

Putin's Warning: Full Speech 2016 [12:18]

Veröffentlicht am 24.07.2016
Initially, I translated only a small portion of this segment as I felt the key message must be made obvious. However, I have been pleasantly surprised with many people around the world reaching out to translate this into other languages, as well as to see the full address. This candid conversation took place with representatives of various media outlets during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, in June 2016. Putin urged journalists to report genuinely on the impending danger that is a nuclear arms race.

Nobody has anything to gain from a nuclear stand-off against Russia. The power hungry decision-makers are few in number, but powerful enough to have subverted mainstream media to misrepresent Russia as the main threat to international security.

If you are a journalist or a blogger, please do your part and share this message. Time is of the essence , especially in light of the recent NATO summit in Warsaw (July 2016) where the alliance stipulated that Russia is the main threat to international security (did you think that might be ISIS?) YouTube would not let me upload the video I did on the Summit, but it can be found on my Vimeo:

Back in 2007, Putin informed the Western world that Russia will develop its weaponry to counter US advances. This was said in response to the US missile defense system that was starting to be developed at the time (previously prohibited in international law.)

With the NATO missile defense system on Russia’s doorstep – the threat to international security is very real; not that you would know it via mainstream Murdoch media.

In 2002, the United States unilaterally and without consultation, withdrew from the landmark Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty. President George W. Bush noted that the treaty is “now behind us,” describing the ABM Treaty as a Cold War relic.

Signed in 1972, the ABM Treaty barred both the US and the USSR from deploying national defenses against long-range ballistic missiles. The treaty was based on the premise that if either superpower constructed a strategic defense, the other would build up its offensive nuclear forces to offset the defense.

The superpowers would therefore quickly be put on a path toward a never-ending offensive-defensive arms race, as each tried to balance its counterpart’s actions. Until Bush took office, the Treaty was referred to as a “cornerstone of strategic stability” because it facilitated later agreements, reducing U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals.

The US, assuming that a weakened Russia will never again be in a position to counter US hegemonic power, proceeded to encroach on Russia’s borders through its manipulation of NATO objectives.

Today, there is no instrument in international law that prevents the possibility of mutually assured destruction. Putin has been sending out warnings for over 10 years – all of which fell on deaf ears. Who will push the button first?

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