Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2016

Eine Avaaz-Petition, die uns vor Menschen schützen soll, die so ziemlich alles glauben…

It's crazy, but fake news on Facebook just helped hand Trump the election! An avalanche of fake news stories, backing Trump, reached more people than top real news -- and Facebook failed to stop it! CEO Zuckerberg can easily end this, but he’s dragging his feet. Let’s demand he act now:  

Dear friends,

Donald Trump had a secret weapon that helped hand him the election -- fake news that went viral on Facebook!

Most people get their news from social media -- and because Facebook failed to stop fake news during the election, more people saw bogus reports (like that the Pope endorsed Trump) than top real news!

It’s not just the US -- the far right everywhere is spreading hateful, racist lies that millions believe to be true. And unless we stop them, the Trumps of France, Brazil, and more will use it as their own secret weapon to win.

Facebook knows exactly what it needs to do -- flag, fact check, and ban the lies. The CEO is dragging his feet, but a group of his own staff are demanding he act -- let's back them with a million strong call: 

Click to stop fake news on Facebook

Facebook is now the largest NEWS site on the planet, but unlike any credible media outlet the company has zero commitment to fact checking. So it’s newsfeed is easily coopted. A new study just revealed that fake stories got more engagement on Facebook than top election stories from 19 major news outlets COMBINED! And 85% of those fake stories supported Trump!

Facebook can solve this easily -- let users flag fake stories, hire a human team to fact check the most viral, and then put warning labels on them as soon as they're disproven. And if an outlet repeatedly distributes fake news, ban them. This is already similar to how Facebook keeps pornography off its site.

If there’s one thing CEO Zuckerberg cares about it’s his global reputation -- let’s show him that millions of Facebook users everywhere demand action, and push him to act before more Trumps use fake news as their secret weapon to win:

Click to stop fake news on Facebook
We live in a rapidly shifting world where something that didn't exist 10 years ago can wield massive power over our and our children's futures. Facebook's fake news has already done historic damage to our planet - let's stop it doing more.

With hope and determination,

Allison, Bert, Nell, Marigona, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

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Adventsrätsel, das siebte von vierundzwanzig

Einer, riesengroß und schwer, bereit, sich musisch elegant zu zeigen,
doch sehr anspruchsvoll ist er, 
läßt sich nicht so leicht betreiben.
Luftig leicht sind zwei dagegen, 
die sich nur gemeinsam regen.
Ein Paar davon hat sich gut versteckt, 
im Menscheninneren wird’s entdeckt.