Sonntag, 1. Oktober 2017

Wird Dicamba (Monsanto) in Arkansas verboten?

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Arkansas on Thursday moved just one step away from barring sprayings next summer of an herbicide linked to widespread U.S. crop damage, setting the stage for a potential legal showdown between the state and chemical maker Monsanto Co.

The Arkansas State Plant Board advanced a proposal prohibiting use of dicamba weed killers from April 16 to Oct. 31, 2018, after farmers reported that soybeans and other crops were damaged when the herbicide drifted away from where it was sprayed this summer.

Chemical companies have blamed damage to crops that cannot tolerate dicamba on farmers misusing the chemical.

Specialists, though, have said the weed killers are risky because they can vaporize and drift across fields after they are sprayed on dicamba-resistant soybeans or cotton developed by Monsanto. That process, known as volatility, occurs more often in high temperatures, according to experts.

In July, Arkansas banned dicamba use for 120 days.

Ty Vaughn, Monsanto’s vice president of global regulatory, said volatility is not a problem and that science did not support the plant board’s decision.

“All options are on the table” for Monsanto’s next move, he added.

- Arkansas one step from ban on controversial herbicide next summer (Tom Polansek, Reuters, 22.09.2017)

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