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Interview der Financial Times mit Wladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin: the full interview {1:30:05}

Financial Times
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The Financial Times is the first major international newspaper to be granted an interview with the Russian leader for 16 years. Here is the exclusive interview with editor Lionel Barber and Moscow bureau chief Henry Foy in full
0:00:08 How has the world changed over the last 20 years?
0:01:49 Has the world become more fragmented?
0:02:27 What do you want to achieve in Osaka?
0:04:31 OPEC oil production agreements
0:07:27 How does Trump compare to other US presidents?
0:10:54 Trump’s criticisms of European alliances
0:15:10 Globalisation vs ‘America First’
0:16:25 Russia and China’s relationship
0:21:02 Danger of tensions between Russia America and China
0:24:05 Arms control
0:26:45 Potential for nuclear agreements
0:28:08 China’s maritime strength
0:30:45 North Korea
0:33:06 North Asia security situation
0:34:42 Has your appetite for risk increased?
0:36:51 Intervening in Syria
0:42:13 Venezuela
0:50:15 Anglo-Russian relations post Skripal
0:55:32 Did what happened in Salisbury send an unambiguous message to anyone who is thinking of betraying the Russian state that it is fair game?
0:57:04 Russia’s economy and foreign exchange reserves
1:04:18 Russia’s macro economic stability - oligarchs
1:06:05 Breakup of the Soviet Union vs China’s anticorruption campaign
1:09:30 Can Russian remain immune to backlashes against the establishment?
1:14:30 Did Angela Merkel make a mistake?
1:18:32 The end of the liberal idea
1:21:15 Religion is not the opium of the masses?
1:21:49 Is now the time for illiberals?
1:24:33 Who do you most admire?
1:26:10 How will your successor be chosen?
Liberalism 'has outlived its purpose' — President Putin speaks exclusively to the Financial Times {6:42}

Financial Times
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Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to FT editor Lionel Barber about foreign affairs and relations with the UK in an exclusive interview at the Kremlin
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Putin On Washington Asking For Russian Help: Americans Are Interesting Folks {5:46}

Russia Insight
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Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum Participants with Frankness {19:19}

Vesti News
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Subscribe to Vesti News Things that sometimes with humor, sometimes harshly, said Vladimir Putin today, have already spread to the headlines of the world media. Why does the West sit on our heads and chew bubble gum? Will Russia help break up NATO? Who restricts Germany's sovereignty? All this was said in St. Petersburg. The key event of the International Economic Forum is a plenary session. Participating, in addition to the Russian Leader, are the Prime Minister of India and the President of Moldova. The topic of the discussion is: the main international events, centered on Russia. Reporting, our political correspondent, Pavel Zarubin.

KenFM im Gespräch mit: Prof. Rainer Mausfeld ("Warum schweigen die Lämmer?") {1:38:19 – Start bei 1:14:22}

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LIKE THE BOSS Putin: What's It Like To Be The Main Global Villain? I Don't Know, Ask The Villains! {0:57}

Russia Insight    
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zum Schluß ein journalistisches Glanzlicht von der New York Times – möglicherweise gedacht für all die Rednecks draußen im Lande:
How Russia Is Disrupting the World Order | NYT News {3:16}

The New York Times
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Cyberattacks. “Little green men.” Frozen conflicts. These are just a few of the tactics Russia and its leader, Vladimir V. Putin, have used to try to disrupt the world order.
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