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John Lennon wäre 70 geworden

Vor wenigen Tagen jährte sich John Lennons Geburtstag…

John Lennon Gimme Some Truth (2010 Sterero Remaster) HD [3:16] Text (AZLyrics)    Übersetzung (Lyricstranslate) 

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"Gimme Some Truth" − or "Give Me Some Truth", as the title originally appeared on record sleeves − is a protest song written and performed by John Lennon. It was first released on his 1971 album Imagine. Like a number of songs on that album, the title track being one, "Gimme Some Truth" contains obvious political references emerging from the time it was written, during the latter years of the Vietnam War.
The song expresses Lennon's frustration with deceptive politicians ("short-haired yellow-bellied sons of Tricky Dicky"), with chauvinism ("tight-lipped condescending mommy's little chauvinists"), and with acts of military violence such as the My Lai massacre. The song encapsulates some widely held feelings of the time, when people were heavily participating in protest rallies against the government.
When Lennon referred to Nixon as "Tricky Dicky", he was using a nickname (Tricky Dick) that liberals had been applying for decades.
"Gimme Some Truth" references the nursery rhyme "Old Mother Hubbard", using the rhyme's content (about a woman going to get her dog a bone, only to discover that her cupboard is empty) as a political parallel to the events of the day, a practice that goes all the way back to when the rhyme was originally printed in 1805. The song's mention of "soft-soap" employs that slang verb in its classic sense − i.e., insincere flattery that attempts to convince someone to do or to think something, as in the case of politicians who use specious or beguiling rhetoric to quell public unrest or to propagandize unfairly.
Work on the song began as early as January 1969 during The Beatles' Get Back sessions, which would eventually evolve into Let It Be. Bootleg recordings of the group performing songs that would eventually go onto the members' solo recordings feature a few performances of "Gimme Some Truth".
On the official release of the song, John Lennon's fellow former Beatle George Harrison plays lead guitar, with Klaus Voormann (a longtime friend of the Beatles and designer of the cover for their Revolver album) on bass.

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