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Get Ready for BRICS plus Germany

Just as much of Europe is stagnant German economic ties with Asia are growing rapidly. Eventually politcs has to catch up with economics
Winston Churchill once said, “I feel lonely without a war.” He also badly missed the loss of empire. Churchill’s successor – the ‘Empire of Chaos’ – now faces the same quandary. Some wars – as in Ukraine, by proxy – are not going so well.

And the loss of empire increasingly manifests itself in myriad moves by selected players aiming towards a multipolar world.

So no wonder US ‘Think Tankland’ is going bonkers, releasing wacky CIA-tinted “forecasts” where Russia is bound to disintegrate, and China is turning into a communist dictatorship. So much (imperial) wishful thinking, so little time to prolong hegemony.

The acronym that all these “forecasts” dare not reveal is BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). BRICS is worse than the plague as far as the ‘Masters of the Universe’ that really control the current - rigged - world system are concerned. True, the BRICS are facing multiple problems. Brazil at the moment is totally paralyzed; a long, complex, self-defeating process, now coupled with intimations of regime change by local ‘Empire of Chaos’ minions. It will take time, but Brazil will rebound.

That leaves the “RIC” – Russia, India and China - in BRICS as the key drivers of change. For all their interlocking discrepancies, they all agree they don’t need to challenge the hegemon directly while aiming for a new multipolar order.

The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) – a key alternative to the IMF enabling developing nations to get rid of the US dollar as a reserve currency – will be operative by the end of this year. The NDB will finance infrastructure and sustainable development projects not only in the BRICS nations but other developing nations. Forget about the Western-controlled World Bank, whose capital and lending capacity are never increased by the so-called Western “powers.” The NDB will be an open institution. BRICS nations will keep 55 percent of the voting power, and outside their domain no country will be allowed more than 7 percent of votes. But crucially, developing nations may also become partners and receive loans.

- Get Ready for BRICS plus Germany (Pepe Escobar, Russia Insider, 04.03.2015)
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Folker Hellmeyer: Die neue Seidenstraße Moskau-Peking - eine Bedrohung für den Westen? {13:36}

Privatinvestor TV
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Wenn wir dieser Tage über die Lage an den Börsen sprechen, müssen wir auch über die Politik reden! Denn es sind nicht mehr nur die Unternehmen selbst, die mit ihren Umsätzen und Gewinnen die Kurse bewegen. Nein, es sind zunehmend die Politiker, die Einfluss auf die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung nehmen - sei es in der Griechenland-Krise, der Ukraine-Frage, den Russland-Sanktionen, oder auch der Flüchtlingskrise. Der Chef-Analyst der Bremer Landesbank Folker Hellmeyer weist im Interview mit PrivatinvestorTV auch auf die interessante Achse Moskau-Peking und das Entstehen einer "neuen Seidenstraße" zwischen beiden Metropolen hin.

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kein Wunder, wenn den Amis der Arsch auf Grundeis geht…
BRICS ist der einzige Ausweg, aus der Bevormundung durch die USA rauszukommen, dafür muß Angie halt einige Kröten schlucken…
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