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Adventsrätsel, das Zweiundzwanzigste von vierundzwanzig

Das Kalte mach’ ich warm,
das Heiße mach’ ich kalt.
Es hat mich reich und arm,
wer lang mich hat wird alt.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP) - Abaddon's Bolero Live in Zurich 1973 Rare footage synched {3:32}

Am 09.06.2014 veröffentlicht 
Hello to all. Here's my latest endeavour into the world of synch. It's Emerson Lake and Palmer (ELP) live in Zurich in 1973 on the Get Me A Ladder Tour, arguably at the peak of their powers as a live band. This is also the only known footage of ELP performing this great song from Trilogy.
The 1973 European tour was represented on the Old Grey Whistle Test's Manticore Special documentary, but swiss TV also made a documentary specifically about the Zurich show. This documentary was recently rebroadcast on SRF TV and Tony Ortiz, ELP's official archivist synched the original audio from the show to the Abaddon's Bolero footage.
I've changed (corrected) a few things here and there and I also synched the shots from the second camera; they are included in splitscreen mode.
This footage is an absolute godsend. Footage from my favorite ELP tour, of my favorite ELP song performed by the strangest instrument configuration ELP ever thought up (Greg and Keith on keyboards).
The audio is from the night as can be seen on the announcement at the end.
Enjoy! I'll also be making a DVD of this and the full documentar and upload it to YEESHKUL!, a great bootleg site.

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