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Integrity Initiative: Britische Beeinflussungskampagne gegen Russland?

Nach geleakten Dokumenten wurden "Cluster" in mehreren Ländern, darunter Deutschland, mit Mitarbeitern gegründet, die anonym bleiben sollten, um die russische Desinformation zu bekämpfen

Nachdem so viel über russische Beeinflussungskampagnen geschrieben wurden und man den von Russland angeblich geführten Informationskrieg oder die hybride Kriegsführung anprangerte, sind die nun geleakten Dokumente der britischen Integrity Initiative ein gefundenes Fressen für die russischen Staatsmedien. Nach den von Anonymous [Link von mir] geleakten Dokumenten geht die Initiative gegen die Desinformationskampagne des Kremls vom britischen Außenministerium aus und wird finanziell auch von der Nato, dem US-Außenministerium, dem litauischen Verteidigungsministerium und Facebook unterstützt.

Für März 2018 bis März 2019 steht nach den Dokumenten ein Budget von fast 2 Millionen britische Pfund zur Verfügung, davon angeblich 215.000 Pfund von der Public Diplomacy Division der Nato und 250.000 vom US-Außenministerium. Dabei scheint auch Bill Browder zu sein, der dem Kreml den Mord an seinem früheren Buchhalter Magnitiski und Steuerkriminalität vorwirft und eine wirkungsvolle antirussische Kampagne gestartet hat, während er in Russland wegen Steuerbetrugs verurteilt und kürzlich wegen des Tods von Magnitiski angeklagt wurde.

- Integrity Initiative: Britische Beeinflussungskampagne gegen Russland? (Florian Rötzer, Telepolis, 26.11.2018)
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The Integrity Initiative is a project of the Institute for Statecraft that is intended to defend democracy from disinformation, in particular from Russia.[4][5][6]
In late 2018, the international hacktivist group Anonymous released documents about the Integrity Initiative, that purported to show the programme was part of a disinformation project to interfere in other countries. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office blamed Russia for the release of documents, which were "intended to confuse audiences and discredit an organisation which is working independently to tackle the threat of disinformation".[7][8] The GCHQ National Cyber Security Centre launched an inquiry into possible computer security breaches at the Institute for Statecraft.[7]
In December 2018, the Sunday Mail reported that The Integrity Initiative's Twitter account had been used to attack  Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and Seumas Milne. The Foreign Office minister, Alan Duncan ordered an investigation into the reports and stated “Not only must [anti-Labour attacks by Statecraft] stop, I want to know why on earth it happened in the first place.”[9][10] In response to Labour Party complaints about this use of government funds in a parliamentary question on the 12 December 2018 The Minister stated that government funding "does [not] fund the management of the Integrity Initiative’s social media account", to which Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry responded that the Integrity Initiative project proposal included "social media activity".[4][5] On 13 December 2018, the Scottish charity regulator OSCR confirmed it had opened an inquiry into the Institute for Statecraft.[11][Institute for Statecraft, Integrity Initiative, engl. Wikipedia, zuletzt abgerufen am 03.01.2018]

“Integrity Initiative” Exposed as UK Special Ops vs EU Countries. Message from The ANONYMOUS Charity {5:28}

Am 24.11.2018 veröffentlicht | *READ ALL* UK Led Special Ops Vs EU.
A large number of documents relating to the activities of the ‘Integrity Initiative’ project that was launched back in the fall of 2015 and funded by the British government have been revealed.
The declared goal of the project is to counteract Russian propaganda and the hybrid warfare of Moscow. Hiding behind benevolent intentions, Britain has in fact created a large-scale information secret service in Europe, the United States and Canada, which consists of representatives of political, military, academic and journalistic communities with the think tank in London at the head of it.
As part of the project Britain has time and again intervened into domestic affairs of independent European states. A most demonstrative example is operation ‘Moncloa’ in Spain. Britain set to prevent Pedro Baños from appointment to the post of Director of Spain’s Department of Homeland Security. It took the Spanish cluster of the Integrity Initiative only a few hours to accomplish the task. See the link below.
For now, Britain is capable of conducting such operations in the following states: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway, Serbia and Montenegro.
London’s near-term plans to create similar clusters include Latvia, Estonia, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Malta, Czechia, countries of the Middle East and North Africa, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, and the USA.
All the work is done under absolute secrecy via concealed contacts in British embassies, which gives rise to more suspicion that Britain uses plausible excuse to create a global system of information influence and political interference into affairs of other countries.
Covert structures for political and financial manipulative activities under control of British secret services are created not only in the EU countries but also on other continents. In point of fact, quiet colonization of both former British neighbors in the EU and NATO allies is taking place.
The government of Great Britain has to come out of the dark and declare straight its intentions and unveil the results of the
Integrity Initiative activities! Otherwise, we will do it!
On November 3rd, we The Anonymous Charity made public part of the documents we have available. In case London gives no response to our demands during the following weeks, we will reveal the rest of the documents that contain many more secrets of the United Kingdom.
1. Integrity Initiative Handbook. 2. Integrity Initiative Guide to Countering Russian Disinformation May 2018. 3. Austria Cluster
4. Cluster Leaders. 5. Cluster Participants. 6. U.K Cluster.
7. USA and Canada Cluster. 8. xCountry. 9. xOutreach.
10. FCO application form 2017-18. 11. FCO application form 2018v2. 12. FCO proposal Integrity budget 2017-18.
13. Integrity 2018 Activity Budget v3. 14. Top 3 deliverables (for FCO).
This has been a broadcast from The Anonymous Charity. We, The Collective, believe in non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience.
Throughout history the world has been controlled by big ideologies such as religion, socialism and capitalism to name but a few.
These are all forms of slavery that have stopped our evolution and removed our freedom. The Anonymous Charity known as The Collective, see these ideologies for what they are, SYSTEMS OF CONTROL. The time for change is now. No longer shall the people be oppressed by corruption. No longer shall those without a voice go unheard. Will YOU join us?
Backup copies of the documents:

Reality Check: Who's Funding the White Helmets? {6:12}

Ben Swann
Am 03.05.2018 veröffentlicht 
Reality Check with Ben Swann:
You've no doubt heard of the White Helmets, aka the Syria Civil Defense. They claim to be a neutral entity in Syria. They say they are just helping people caught in the middle of a civil war. But are they?
Follow the money and you will find numerous ties to government funding from not only the U.S., but the U.K., Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.
We untangle these ties to the White Helmets in a Reality Check you won't get anywhere else.
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