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Luxus-SUVs und flüssiger Stickstoff

nach Bentley Bentley SUV - EXP 9F {2:17}

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All 2012 Geneva motor show videos: (watch in 1080p for better viewing experience)!!
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This was no secret! Bentley was preparing an SUV car to respond to a very big demand. Indeed, in countries such as China, the demand to mix SUV and luxury keeps growing and growing. Which is why Bentley cooked up the EXP 9F (and Lambo attempted a 4-door a few times). My guess is it will definitely go into production. The EXP 9F has a twin-turbocharged W12 engine with an eight-speed transmission and boosts 600 horse power!
Quite a brute.
You can clearly see the touch of Bentley and british elegance in this SUV. The remarkable use of wood in the interior, as well as the sheer luxury that emanates from this car screams out for the "british touch". I think they somewhat pulled it off, a luxury SUV. Although it might take a moment to adapt to it, considering we're not used to see Bentley going down that road. But I'm pretty sure it's a good thing and it will be a success.

Pissed off professor destroys laptop with liquid nitrogen. {1:46}

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Pissed off professor destroys laptop with liquid nitrogen.

Schade, daß der Eimer so klein ist…

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